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fighting tooth and nail against universal health care, women’s rights, immigration reform and LGBTQ rights, 
protecting rapists of Native women, 
demanding severe cuts to Social Security, Medicaid and Medicare, 
categorically denying science (particularly in the case of global warming, our planet’s most extreme and comprehensive problem), 
demanding that the rich pay less in taxes at any cost to the poor, the elderly, the economy, or middle class families, 
supporting the deregulation of wall street,
causing the 2008 economic crash,
starting two wars for no reason and not paying for them,
providing a safe haven for racists and sexists from the voting booth to the White House,
refusing to support tax breaks for companies creating jobs in the U.S.,
forcing raped women to carry the seed of their rapists,
trying to do away with planned parenthood,
trying to get evolution education and sex education banned from schools,
lying to voters in every election,
threatening to default on U.S. loans for the first time in history in 2011, damaging the economy and international faith in our nation,
fucking up this fiscal cliff deal with historic levels of awfulness,
holding up Ronald Reagan, a man who ignored the Aids crisis for 8 years, and was responsible for the murder of thousands of innocents in Central and South America, as an idol,
tanking the Veterans Jobs Bill,
holding the economy hostage every six months for the past 4 years,
and committing voter fraud while suppressing the vote of minorities and youths in the 2012 election, among a host of other absolutely horrible things,
it has become clear to me that every facet of Right Wing ideology and practice is irrevocably flawed, and, given the damage it has done to our country in the last ten years alone, the party itself must be dissolved, and it’s members “serving” the public as of now must be disavowed by the American electorate if we are to have any hope of functioning properly as a country.
At this point, the notion that there is a single American citizen not deeply ashamed to call themselves Republican is beyond my comprehension. In any case, I will never apply that name to myself, and I am hopeful that one day we will live in a country where that word represents the horror and disgust it has instilled in me to the vast majority of American citizens.
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Benicio in the 90s tv series “Tales from the Crypt”:  Season 6, Episode 6 “The Bribe”.